What should I consider before getting a tarantula?

Buying a tarantula, like acquiring any living creature, should not be impulsive. Before acquiring one, it is advisable to consider whether a tarantula is really the right pet for me and whether I am a suitable owner for a tarantula.

The following articles should answer some questions about tarantula care for potential future owners and help them decide whether getting a spider is a mistake or, on the contrary, a foray into the fascinating world of keeping eight-legged “pets”.

Before getting a tarantula

Is a tarantula a suitable animal for me?
Is tarantula care demanding?
What do I need to buy for a tarantula?
Where to buy a tarantula?

Owning a tarantula is great. But… have you thought it through?

Here you will find a list of verified sellers, either those from whom I have personally purchased tarantulas or those who have a good reputation in the hobby. (only for czech keepers:)

Verified Sellers

Verified seller from Brno

E-shop with tarantulas

Svět pavouků
Verified seller from Střelice u Brna