Is tarantula care demanding?

A simple answer to this question is – no.

Although it is the care of an exotic animal, compared to caring for most other commonly kept animals, a tarantula is easy to care for in every way.

The most common task you will perform when keeping tarantulas is definitely feeding and providing water. Tarantulas do not need to be fed very often and, in the case of adult individuals, can go weeks to months between feedings.

As far as space for keeping them is concerned, tarantulas do not have any special requirements and will be happy even in smaller terrariums that do not take up much space in the home. More about the correct dimensions can be found in a separate article.

Another of the few modest needs of tarantulas is their requirements for temperature and humidity in the terrarium. As far as temperature is concerned, there are a large number of species that will thrive in room temperature. Some species have slightly different needs, such as the need to add a heat source to the terrarium. The same applies to the humidity in the terrarium. Some species prefer lower humidity and can get by with a water dish, while others require more frequent misting. Always inform yourself about the temperature and humidity requirements of the species you are keeping.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the maintenance of the terrarium. It is as needed. It can be said that if nothing is rotting in the terrarium, there is no reason to care for it. If you regularly remove food debris, the terrarium can remain in a usable state for years. Tarantulas themselves prefer it when you do not interfere with their habitat and do not expose them to stress.

As I mentioned at the beginning, caring for tarantulas is simple to the point of being trivial, but it is always good to inform yourself about all aspects of caring for this animal. Although most tarantulas are fairly resilient to care mistakes, it is unnecessary to expose the animal to the effects of improper care and, in the worst case, risk its death.